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VAS Platform

One of the EASTCOM’s flagship products is VAS platform – IPSTM VAS platform series, which is designed to be modular, flexible and cost effective. Its comprehensive support for TDM interfaces and signaling protocols (ISDN, SS7, SIP), and its flexibility of allowing the capabilities of voice, 3G-324M video, VoIP, IMS video and signaling monitoring to be mixed let application developers deploy different applications easily on both legacy TDM networks and NGN/IMS networks.

IPSTM VAS platform series is composed of 3 types to meet different application scenarios.
   - Signaling Server  
   - Media Switch                                                                                                                                               -
 Signaling Monitor 


Eastcom provides the most advanced and comprehensive recording products and solutions for both of enterprise networks and operator networks.
  • EC-L: EC Analog Recording Server
  • EC-R: EC Digital Trunk Recording Server
  • EC-D: EC Digital Telephone Recording Server
  • EC-I: EC VoIP Recording Server
  • EC-Y: EC Mixed Recording Server


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